Soups and bread and cookbooks! Oh my!

Hey all!

I spent this past week preparing for autumn by searching / researching through cookbooks for great soup recipes. I love soup and it’s a wonderful, warm food I associate with home and cold months (though I found some GREAT chilled summer soups!)

I love the change of the seasons and as much as I adore summer in all of it’s splendidly hot glory… Autumn brings with it beautiful colors, cooler temperatures and comfortable days spent outside.

I’ve been baking my own bread lately. It is the only way I consume bread these days. I like to know what’s going into my bread and there is a zen quality about baking bread; waiting for it to rise and bake.

I’ve been harvesting my summer garden as well, collecting flowers and kale, potatoes, tomatos and herbs. I’ve been finding ways to incorporate these ingredients into the bread and into soup which is even more satisfying for me to cook using veggies and ingredients I grew myself.

I’m currently sitting in my car, waiting at the bus stop and researching how to make wild yeast bread. Can’t wait to try this method again!

So, since I’m not at my computer, I’ll share some recent food images of soups and breads that I have made. I have a baking tutorial that I will share soon!

Enjoy the weekend !

Are you finally diving I to the world of baking and cooking like I am? Share your favorite recipe with me and maybe I could do a tutorial or I could even link your post on my site!

Let’s create a community of people living and eating creatively!



Kale, chickpea, sausage and chicken soup.


New potato and garlic soup.


Homemade French baguette

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